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Custom Guitar Finishing and Aging

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Paige’s refin and relic work surpassed my expectations. Paige took my poly finished sunburst 72 Tele Deluxe RI and turned it into the guitar I always wanted. The body was stripped and refinished in black nitro and then reliced. Paige removed the shine off the back of the neck and applied various coats of linseed oil allowing for much smoother playability.  I couldn’t be happier with the final result. Paige has a strong attention to detail and uses a technique where the relic work looks as genuine as real road wear.

- Kevin McCarthy




Hi there and welcome to my custom guitar finishing page.   I created this page to showcase the work I've done on several guitars for clients and for myself.

 I have always enjoyed aging guitars as a hobby and am now available for your own personal guitar.


I began painting and working on aging guitars back in 1998 when I was greatly influenced by Kenny Wayne Shepherds guitar that was well used and the finish was in despair.  This appealed to me and I began to work on my own and make it look like his. As major guitar companies began producing their own new aged guitars at a high costs out of my budget, I took it upon myself to imitate and create my own.   I re-created Jimi Hendrix custom Monterey Pop Stratocaster that fender had made in 1997.  I did all the painting and assembled using various fender licensed parts.

 In 2004 I took the large project on of re-creating the newly released Stevie Ray Vaughan Model by Fender Custom shop builder John Cruz.   This has been on my wall as a show piece and is more like a piece of art.  Because of the work I have done,  I have been able to actually get some tips and experience working with the Master John Cruz himself.  This has helped me gain confidence in my own work and created more of a passion behind the art and soul that goes into a guitar finish. 

If you have a guitar that you would like to change the colour or make it a lacquer finish to a full heavy Relic looking guitar, I'm your guy.  I have built many parts guitars (mainly fender style) for over 20 years and have learned a lot about making guitars fit together well and look good.  I have set up many guitars including my own as I have been a touring musician for over 10 years now without a guitar tech.

Please Contact me for any questions you may have or send me you request for your dream finish.  

Thanks for considering me for your guitar.

- Paige


I refinished this in 2020. It's a 2008 USA Fender Telecaster Thinline with custom lacquer paint. 


I built this guitar from parts in 2002

and painted the headstock to match the body.  This is signed by Colin James who had the same colour guitar. 


This is my Stevie Ray Vaughan guitar that I built in 2004 to match John Cruz's.  I was 23.

my custom guitar.jpg

I put this guitar together in 2017 and after getting a large scratch on the front of the body in 2021, I decided to do a heavy relic job on it. 


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Located in Niagara Falls

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